March 21, 2017

Stop Calling Yourself "Pro-Life:" An Open Letter to the GOP

Stop hiding behind the precursor “pro-life” because you think it makes you sound compassionate. Stop calling yourself a “pro-life” politician because you know you can manipulate votes out of people if you do. Stop using the word “pro-life” at all, and call yourself what you are: pro-birth.

Across the US, when babies are born, they become the human beings that you fight against on a daily basis. When a baby is born to an impoverished family, he becomes a Medicaid recipient - a form of healthcare that you want to strip away from American citizens. When a little girl is born, she becomes a woman who needs reproductive care - care that you so desperately want to take away. When a baby is born to a black woman, he becomes a person who you will ignore the value of as police attempt to or succeed at murdering him. When a baby is born to a Jewish woman, she becomes an adversary rather than a citizen that you will protect. When a Muslim baby is born, he becomes a potential terrorist that you don’t want in your country.

If you were really pro-life, you would support low-cost healthcare for impoverished people. You wouldn’t fight tooth-and-nail against women’s reproductive health. You wouldn’t encourage doctors to lie to women about their health choices. You would implement comprehensive sexual education programs for every child in the US so that they grow into educated adults who know how to prevent pregnancy and protect themselves against diseases. You would include birth control as essential parts of any health coverage because you would understand that birth control is necessary for every American citizen to thrive.

If you were really pro-life, you would do these kinds of things because these are things that promote life. Your political goals at this point promote sickness, poverty, racism, misogyny, and death. Thriving is a part of life, not just living, and so long as you demand abortion restriction while ignoring the actual needs of American citizens you are in no position to declare that you care about life. You would be better off calling yourself pro-control. Pro-money. Pro-you.

So stop pretending like you give a damn about life, and admit that the second birth occurs that baby could end up in a dumpster and you wouldn’t do a thing about it. As long as you can torture women through unwanted pregnancies you’ll be happy. As long as you can tell impoverished people that it’s their fault they are poor and they should do something about it you’ll be fine. As long as you can squeeze every last vote out of the religious right, you’ll keep calling yourself “pro-life” even though you know it’s a lie. You are pro-birth, and there’s no denying that.